Silly Parents – Horses are not a phase!

Silly Parents

The look on this young girl’s face is simply priceless. Note the almost Mona Lisa-esque smile.

How many parents out there have experienced this exact same smile from their offspring?

I’m willing to bet more than a few…

How does this initial infatuation with horses get started in the first place? And more often in girls than boys…

At what point does it turn from a fascination into a near obsession?

We recognise this stage has been reached when almost every sentence spoken has at least some reference to a pony or horse…

Any non-horsey parent will groan inwardly with each pronouncement. There’s rarely any escape. The child is desperate to talk to anyone and everyone who will listen – interested or not.

It won’t matter whether the subject is the hairiest, cross-bred, grumpiest pony or the sleekest, impeccably bred and behaved show pony – this creature is now the centre of their entire universe.

Their world view has moved on from you, or your significant other, to this apparent paragon of virtue who happens to have four legs and has morphed into the most treasured creature on the planet!

All this in the eyes of a little girl wearing the rosey-tinted glasses and sporting an iron will to have one of her own.

At this point most parents are pretty much doomed to attaining horse-ownership status – ready or not. The best they can hope for is their offspring’s obsession, once indulged, may lessen in intensity over time – we’re talking years here…

For some the interest will explode at the same pace the universe is expanding and know no bounds…for others it may well level off and instead become a lifelong pursuit. An ache even…pushed to the background with the advent of adulthood and the other weighty responsibilities associated with navigating that particular path.

Is the love of horses a phase then?

I think not. The effect horses have on us has to be in our genes – I’m convinced!

I first sat on a horse when I was three. From that moment on I was besotted. I just ‘knew’ that I had to have one near at all times. It didn’t matter that this was quite impossible as I was raised in the least horsey family I knew.

It took me 10 whole long years from there – in the end I ground everyone around me down – it was after all definitely not a phase!

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