A bit about my published (and unpublished books)

Fiction books by Adele J Jean:
The Flying Horse series:

As a child I loved reading stories about horses, actually I’m not sure I read anything else. The problem as any horse mad child of any age will tell you, is the limited number of books about horses and how often many of the details about horses are … well… slightly inaccurate!
I vowed that I would write a series of books aimed at the younger market to expand their reading options and help provide accurate believable horse details. While there can always be a few embelishments for the purpose of story writing I really hope I have created books that the young horse mad can identify with and expand their knowledge.

The Flying Horse series naturally starts with a horse rescue! While the situation is an uncommon one, rescuing horses  is an all too common real life event. Often this is a situation caused by an owner, who has moved out of their ‘knowledge pool’ and is swimming in an ocean of obscuration.
All too often these horses are simply misunderstood, and with the right handling and right expectations have full and rewarding lives ahead of them.
The Flying Horse Series is about the life of a rescue horse and his achievements.
Flying Horse Discovery
Flying Horse Revealed (in proofing)

Non-fiction books by Adele J Jean:

My introduction to writing was through these non-fiction books. The emphasis is on providing value to horse owners.  the books are priced to put the knowledge within everyone’s hands and cover much of the knowledge that helps make a happy and forward going relationship with your horse.
The Humble Cavaletti, The Best Kept Secret in Riding
Horses DeMystified
The Horse Lovers 15 Secrets for Starters
Selecting the Horse that’s Right for You

Saving Time looking after your Horse (in proofing)
Horses on a Shoestring (in proofing)

Co-authored by Kenneth James and Adele J Jean:

I’m lucky to have a partner who can design and make things. He is able to design jumps that are safe and study, and also shows simple and easy ways to construct things – These step by step instructions are designed for those who may not be familiar with tools or using them. The end result are a series of very reasonably priced book to show you how to create simple jumps. As always the construction manual follows behind the actual construction of a jump, so the details are accurate and have either drawings or photos with them.

For any of my non-fiction books I understand that getting them from a kindle book to something you can take to the barn or workshop can be a cause of concern. Should you purchase one of my books, write a review and I will send you a PDF file so you can print it to have a paper copy for the arena or jump building.
Building Cavaletti, Step by Step Guide to Four Designs
Building a Tiger Trap Horse Jump
Building a Round Top Horse Jump
Building an Arrowhead Horse Jump (in proofing)
Planning and Creating a Cross Country Step Jump (in proofing)




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