About Adele J Jean

Adele J JeanAdele has spent a lifetime training, breeding and riding horses in many countries around the world.
Her greatest passion is to share what she’s learned on this journey with you.
Her most fervent wishes are that you gain insights into these wonderful creatures; what and why they do the things they do; how to make the most of this understanding and ultimately, transform your relationship with your horse from where ever you are now to where you want to be.
This knowledge works no matter what discipline you follow or type of horse you have – at the end of the day horses will be horses – as they have been long before we arrived on the scene!

The fiction series is for pure enjoyment of adventures with horses – aimed at teenagers, however, will be enjoyed by all with or without an interest in horses.
Adele had such fun writing them – she can’t wait to write the next ones! Enjoy…

When not being involved with horses she keeps on top of a busy work schedule and mastering the training of her partner, two human children and one in-human dog! She is currently living and working in New Zealand.

Adele hopes her books lead you to continue to grow your love of horses with imagination, thoughtfully, safely and as always – having fun!

Fiction books by Adele J Jean:
The Flying Horse series:
Flying Horse Discovery
Flying Horse Revealed (in proofing)

Non-fiction books by Adele J Jean:
The Humble Cavaletti, The Best Kept Secret in Riding
Horses DeMystified
The Horse Lovers 15 Secrets for Starters
Selecting the Horse that’s Right for You

Saving Time looking after your Horse (in proofing)
Horses on a Shoestring (in proofing)

Co-authored by Kenneth James and Adele J Jean:
Building Cavaletti, Step by Step Guide to Four Designs
Building a Tiger Trap Horse Jump
Building a Round Top Horse Jump
Building an Arrowhead Horse Jump (in proofing)
Planning and Creating a Cross Country Step Jump (in proofing)

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