A Star is Born!

Have you ever experienced moments in time spent with horses that went beyond ‘pure magic’?

Those times when the hairs on the back of your neck literally do stand up?

One of these for me was when my mare foaled a beautiful colt…he was just gorgeous…the moment was not his actual birth though – she managed to hide this, as is the way with most mares. This creation being her first…

The moment was completely unexpected and perhaps all the more powerful as a result…

As I led the mare from the foaling box for the very first time the young fella was less than a couple of days old.  He tottered out of the door behind her, wide-eyed and curious, he paused and looked around swaying on unsteady limbs – then it happened…

Every single horse kept at the yard – and there were many – called out simultaneously, long and loud as though to welcome him, even those who could not possibly have seen him from their stable!

It was as if, as one, they ‘knew’ that a new arrival was amongst them of the most special kind – a brand ‘newbie’!

I had never heard of this happening before. These horses, hardened competition veterans, had never behaved this way in all the time I knew them. Mares, geldings, stallions – one and all.

I felt stunned and humbled…from that moment I changed my thinking about horses as sentient beings.

They ‘know’ things – secrets? – that only a very privileged few of us ever have the honor of having revealed to us.

Maybe all we have to do more of is observe closely and truly, deeply – just ‘listen’?

In the same manner, I feel honoured and humbled to reveal to you my first fiction ‘creation’ about horses and grand adventures.

This is something I have wanted to do all my life…I had so much fun writing this I hope you gain real pleasure from reading it, if you choose to do so…here’s the link: Flying Horse Discovery

This is the first in a series of “Flying Horses” adventures. I’ve introduced some amazing youngsters, talented horsemen and women in adventures fit for all the family to enjoy – especially any ‘horse-mad’ family members!

Watch out for the next ‘Flying Horse’ adventure which will soon be winging its way to your e-reader of choice in 2013.

Yours in Horse Secrets,


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